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Our goal is to raise the best show and companion Corgi that we possibly can.

We bought our foundation stock (Larklain Flares Joyful Song aka Bubbles) from Elaine Erganbright, one of the most noted breeders of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi who had, as of 2004, bred over 200 champion Corgis.

She had established a line that was noted for its superb temperament and willing disposition as well as perfect conformation that won time and again. Even after her death in 2001, Elaine is still one of the top Corgi breeders in the US.

Carol Swinney (Elaine’s daughter) carries on the Larklain Kennel name and tradition and we work closely with her to find the perfect males for our breeding program. As we build up our line, we pick the males for “our girls” carefully, whenever possible we use Corgis that are champions and proven producers.

We raise our puppies with love and kindness, providing them with an environment with lots of socialization of both the people and animal kind. Our offspring are not “kennel” raised but literally house dogs. Our aim is not to produce lots of litters every year, it is to have one or two litters every year but those litters will be of exceptional breeding. We hope to see our puppies go on to have brilliant show careers, but we know that the majority of puppies sold go on to become an integral part of another family.

Corgis make excellent kid’s dogs because they are extremely intelligent so they learn quickly but they are also small enough that children can easily train them. To that end, we place them in homes who want a partner for their kids, a 4H project for children or just a member of the family who will provide years of companionship and love. They are an adaptable breed. They love the outdoors but can fit well into an apartment or condo. They are active, energetic and lovable; forming attachments to their owners and learning to fit into family life easily.

Please cruise our website to see pictures of our "girls": Bubbles, Cookie and Widget…and our brood bitchs; Bugsy (Misty Ridge Cals Fyrebug) and Spot (Misty Ridge Cals Wildfyre). Also, see pictures of some of the males that we have used previously. These include: Ch. Larklain Rogers Magic Marker, Ch. Triple H. Cal Ripken, Ch. Larklain Cals Timeless Appeal, Ch. Honeyfox Penny Arcade and Ch. Sandhill Black Bart

We also have pictures of some of our show and non-show progeny.



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